Spiritual Development Course

What Keeps You Awake at Night?

Bills? Relationships? Health? Your Future?

If one of these important aspects of your life is causing you to lose sleep at night and you feel that you have taken the best efforts humanly possible, isn’t it time to seek help from a higher power? How about getting off the treadmill and finding out the tools and practices to improve yourself, your relationships, your health?

One of these unique tools is the practice of giving and receiving Light Energy. Although this practice is as old as man – (There are pictures of Ancient Egyptians doing similar practice 5,000 years ago!) – this course has perfected the process of teaching you this ancient practice in as little as three days instead of months or years.

Many people who have experienced the Light report enjoying a relaxed state and inner peace.

I had a very shallow faith in God and I didn’t understand the purpose of life. I have since realized that all human beings are children of God and we need to work together to achieve a harmonious society while showing respect for all living things and protecting the environment. As a scientist in the medical field, I consistently pray that I may be allowed to make a positive impact in public health while at the same time contributing toward helping to create a civilization that focuses on spiritual values first.
- Allen P. PhD, Microbiologist

Others say that it has given them a new perspective in life and has helped them thrive in the current harsh environment.

For 200 years, the world’s accepted economic basis for business has centered around the concept that business should aim to maximize profits. Now however, there is a nascent fundamental change toward the primary goal of business serving consumers, other stakeholders and societies in general. This requires as incredible shift in people’s innermost attitude to become less self-centered and more altruistic. I have observed this kind of transformation in individuals as they give and receive Light over time.
Dr. Roger L. B., Professor Emeritus

Some say miracles happen!

I have learned the importance of “spiritual medicine” which allows people to heal on three levels: spiritual, mental and physical. True Light aligns this trinity and allows a shift in the condition of a person’s soul, which then translates to a mental and then a physical healing. By applying the teachings… to a number of my patients, who have been diagnosed by senior physicians as terminally ill, I have been able to change their prognosis. I am very grateful to be able to transmit the Universal Principles and True Light to my cancer patients.
– Dr. Ewa C., Oncologist

Don’t take anybody’s word for it – experience the Light yourself.

3 Days That Will Change Your Life

You are invited to participate in this three-day course that will provide you with new tools to increase the level of joy and gratitude in your life. You will learn how to give Light Energy and will understand how the application of certain Universal Principles will help you find meaning and purpose in your life and to proactively improve yourself.

The spiritual development course will help you accomplish inner peace, find purpose and connection with others in the physical, the astral and the spiritual world.

This spiritual development course will also explain the cause of the dramatic changes in the environment, politics, and social unrest happening in the world today.

More importantly, the course offers actionable solutions to the problems we face today.

Small Class Size of 15 Only

This class has only 15 primary participants. There will be auditors, who previously attended this course. All together there will be less than 30. The class size is intimate to allow very personal interaction between participants and instructors. With this small class size and a very low all-inclusive course fee – you are getting an incredible value! I have attended $1,997 to $25,000 seminars with hundreds of participants that pale in comparison to this course.

Many Will Come But Only A Few Are Chosen

In fact, before I tell you how you can claim one of the 15 spots, let me first cover who this is NOT for:

1. This is NOT for you if you don’t already have a sense of spirituality. This spiritual development course is about maximizing what you have, not converting you into a believer. That said, if you’re already a successful individual and you’re looking for this to give you a shortcut to take you to the next spiritual level, that’s fine. But if you’re an atheist and still haven’t grasped the concept of god or spirit, this program is NOT for you.

2. This is NOT for you if you’re a bitter know-it-all. This course is about respect for other people’s spiritual beliefs not intolerance and bigotry. If you’re an arrogant jerk and you know it, please don’t apply. I promise you will be discovered immediately, and you will be removed from the class.

3. This is NOT for you if you’re desperate and you see this as a “last ditch effort”. It’s ok if you’re struggling a bit or if your life or business isn’t everything you know it could and should be. Trust me, all leaders in the cusp of their turning point feel that way. That said, if you’re on your last dime and you’re looking to me to be your savior, please do not apply.

If after reading this list you still feel you qualify, then here’s what you need to do…

If You’re Serious, Here are the Next Steps…

Experience Results BEFORE the Course

Unlike other courses where you wonder if the course works or if it is right for you, this one allows you to experience results before attending. Get results first before attending – so if the experience is right for you, you can attend the course to learn to give Light Energy to yourself and others.

To attend this three-day course you need to attend a free introductory session of Light Energy at the course location at least once prior to the scheduled days of this three-day course. A nominal donation for the session is appreciated. I urge you to get as many free sessions of Light Energy until you manifest your outcome before you attend the spiritual development course.

Pass An Interview

You also need to pass an interview to determine if you measure up to required standards for participants. The interview will make sure that your intentions are in the right place and that you will use these tools for Good.

Moving Forward After You Know The Light Works for You

After you qualify, you will be invited to join the course. There will be a small non-refundable registration fee to lock in your spot (and so we can plan properly). Your investment to experience this is only $300. (Don’t bother scrolling for a last-minute discount or extra-special bonuses because you won’t find any. Heck, with only 15 people being allowed in, I couldn’t give my own family members a discount.)

In all honesty, if you’re struggling with the question of “Is this worth $300?” then you’re definitely NOT one of the 15 people we’re looking for…

Look, you either get this or you don’t. That may seem harsh, but like I said I’m not trying to get everyone out there to participate because this is NOT for everyone. I’m looking for leaders who understand the value of turnkey, paint-by-numbers information and who know they can easily multiply this measly $300 investment either monetarily or spiritually.

Please respond to this invitation immediately as the remaining seats will be taken very quickly.

Current Course Schedule:

To Be Announced Soon (3 days Fri-Sat-Sun)

Location:Southern California and 20 other locations in the United States

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Adrian Castro


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